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Aboadze Chief Striped Naked For Lying Through His Teeth

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Aboadze Chief in the Shama District of the Western Region, Nana Kwabena Atom, has landed himself into trouble for engaging in huge politics of deceit. The Chief recently granted interview to Sekondi-Takoradi based radio station which was published on on Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019. According to Nana Atom, the 8-year of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Administration was just a waste because the past government did not establish any structure to manage distribution of the premix fuel and its related issues in the district. “This premix fuel issue we are talking about, Aboadze community has sat down to do our analyses. During the full 8 years of NDC, they never rendered accounts concerning the sale of premix fuel to the community. Frankly speaking as a chief not politician, but within two years of the NPP, accounts have been periodically rendered to the community which never happened within 8 years of NDC. According to the premix committee and the accounts rendered so far, we have been able to accrue profit to the tune of about GHS 50,000.00.” This attracted a swift rebuttal from the Bureau Of Communications of the party in the Shama Constituency. Nana Atom was heavily punched and exposed to the public when the Shama NDC set the records straight on the massive development projects rolled out in the constituency by the past NDC-led John Mahama Administration. This was contained a press release issued recently and signed by three Constituency Executives of the Shama. Please read below the full statement: SHAMA CONSTITUENCY NDC BUREAU OF COMMUNICATIONS RE: NPP DOING MORE IN 3 YEARS THAN NDC EVER DID IN 8 YEARS. (ABOADZE CHIEF) Our attention has been drawn to an interview granted by Nana Kwabena Atom (Chief of Aboadze) to a radio station in Sekondi-Takoradi which is captured by Ghanaweb on Wednesday, 3rd July, 2019. In the interview Nana Kwabena Atom claim that; 1. There was no Premix committee during the 8 year NDC regime. 2. No accounts were rendered by the then premix committee during NDC regime. 3. No developmental projects were undertaken by the then premix committee. We are saddened and dismayed by the issues raised by Nana Kwabena Atom, the chief of Aboadze and we are of the view that he is not well informed and economical to the fact to the people of Aboadze and the General public. The NDC would like to inform Nana Kwabena Atom of Aboadze that the issue of premix committee is a brainchild of our late president, Prof. John Evans Atta- Mills. During that era, every fishing community was charged to constitute a seven member premix committee including Aboadze community. Secondly, we would like to put on record without any equivocation that annual accounts were rendered by the premix committee from 2010 to 2016 respectively. In 2010, the annual premix account was rendered publicly to the Aboadze community. From 2011- 2014 the accounts were rendered to the major stakeholders; canoe owners etc. In 2015- 2016 the accounts were again made public for the perusal of everyone in Aboadze of which the records are available for reference at the Shama District Assembly. Nana Atom also claimed that no projects were undertaken by the then premix committee at Aboadze. But, here we wish to say that Nana Kwabena Atom is not being truthful to the people at Aboadze and Ghanaian people at large. Empirical evidence on the grounds shows that the following projects were executed during NDC regime by the Premix committee at Aboadze. 1. In 2010- construction of concrete seats at the following sheds: a. Nana Sam’s shed b. Buburase shed c. Assaseaban shed. 2. In 2011- continuation of drainage at Buburase. 3. 2012-2013 a. Abaedaho shed b. Kokwado ( abodwe- abodwe shed) c. Ekurobam shed. 4. From 2014-2016 a. Thousands of blocks were moulded for the construction of chief fisherman’s palace and health centre. b. Iron rods and other building materials were bought for the said projects. c. Fixing of new street bulbs and repairs of street lights. In addition to the above projects there were other ad- hoc social responsibilities such as payment of school fees for brilliant but needy students, funeral donations(where necessary), hospital bills etc. It is quite unfortunate that Nana Kwabena Atom was indeed given homage of a hamper and an envelope annually from the proceeds from the premix sales by the committee which he suggested was not in existence. Per the projects and all the above information, we therefore, challenge Nana Atom to mention a single project that has been undertaken by the current premix committee in the three year reign of the NPP administration. It is rather unfortunate and disheartening that the chief of Aboadze sounded more of a politician than a traditional Ruler. In conclusion we would like to humbly advise Nana Kwabena Atom to concentrate on his mandate as a Chief by playing a fatherly role in bringing all stakeholders on board for the development of Aboadze rather than taken a politically entrenched position which will not bring unity in his community. We wish to advise him to leave the politics to the politicians and concentrate on his role as a chief for the Aboadze community. Long live Ghana! Long live Shama constituency!! Long live NDC!!! Signed Ernest Acquah – communication officer (0240484516) Paul Otis Dentu – Deputy Communication officer (0243046707) Hon. Nyamekye – former secretary to the premix committee (0244243479)

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